The Derriford Sarcoma Team consists of Clinicians, Nurses and Administrative staff who have a special interest and expertise in treating sarcoma. The team approach offers a patient the best possible opinion for what is a complex problem. They meet regularly as a multi disciplinary team, MDT.

Every patient with a diagnosis of sarcoma, both new and follow up, is discussed in the MDT meeting. These take place every Tuesday morning in the radiology department.

The discussions include planning investigations, reviewing radiological and histological results, deciding surgical approaches, follow-up arrangements, rehabilitation and support. Each patient's scans and biopsy samples are projected onto a screen for the team to review.

Each month the MDT is followed by a Multi Discipline Sarcoma Out Patients. These are held in the Orthopaedic Out-Patient Department near Casualty on level 6.

With the development of the service these clinics will increase to weekly.

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